Model: ATLAS COPCO AT B2 100

Công suất Motor: 2Hp, Hai đầu nén

Áp lực: 10 bar

Lưu lượng máy nén DISPL: 295 lít/phút

Lưu lượng khả dụng: 190 lít/phút

Dung tích bình chứa: 100 Lít

Tốc độ Motor: 1.000 v/phút

Độ ồn: 71dB

Trọng lượng: 83Kg

15,400,000 13,240,000

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Mô tả

The 2Hp Cast Iron Piston Compressor that gets the job done

For a 2hp cast iron piston compressor that delivers compressed air of the highest quality look no further than the ATB 2-100. Part of the ATB series, this compressor will assist in getting the job done. With a free air delivery of 190 l/m and 100 L tank, the quality of this 2hp piston compressor is something you can count on. This cast iron piston compressor has been built for your specific needs to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

The ATB 2-100 is both easy to use and easy to move

The reliable ATB 2-100 comes with a filter regulator and hand bar panel for easier control. This unit is also easier to move as it is equipped with solid rubber wheels and two rubber feet. Other features of the ATB 2-100 include the condor pressure switch, metal belt guard and Atlas Copco dashboard. These features show that this unit has been built to work for you.

The Cast Iron Piston Compressor ATB Series

The ATB 2-100 and the other cast iron piston compressors in the ATB series are supported by a full range of service kits. These service kits come with all the necessary parts and oils to help your compressor running smoothly. To find out more about the ATB range and how you can benefit from this piston compressor give us a call on 0935975957 or email us


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Weight 83 kg
Dimensions 920 x 510 x 840 cm

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