Model: ATLAS COPCO AT B7 270

Công suất Motor: 7.5Hp, Ba đầu nén

Áp lực: 10 bar

Lưu lượng máy nén DISPL: 1030 lít/phút

Lưu lượng khả dụng: 770 lít/phút

Tốc độ Motor: 800 v/phút

Độ ồn: 77dB

Dung tích bình chứa: 270 Lít

Trọng lượng: 250Kg

51,260,000 44,800,000

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Atlas Copco’s 7.5Hp Cast Iron Piston Compressor (The ATB 7-270)

For a 7.5hp Cast Iron Piston Compressor, look no further than the latest in Atlas Copco’s Cast Iron Piston Offerings. The ATB 7 offers a free air delivery of 770 l/m and a tank volume of 270 L. With our ATB Cast Iron Piston Compressors, you will receive quality you can count on. When you need a 7.5hp Cast Iron Piston Compressor, the ATB 7 gets the job done.

Reliable 7.5hp Cast Iron Piston Compressor

Our ATB 7 Cast Iron Piston Compressors have been built to your needs to ensure you will receive a lifetime of performance and reliability. This efficient compressor integrates a MEPS-compliant IP55 motor and stainless-steel valves to minimise energy losses. The pumps, shaft, connecting rods and cylinders are all made of super strong cast iron. All models come with condor pressure switch to make a more reliable piston compressor.

This Cast Iron Piston Compressor is Easy to Use and Easy to Move

With built-in forklift feet and a large sight glass on the pump to check the oil level, the ATB 7 Cast Iron Piston Compressor is both easy to move into place and easy to use. To protect both yourself and the compressor belts, a metal belt guard has been included in the compressor. We have a range of sizes in the ATB Cast Iron Piston Compressor range.

To find more about the ATB Cast Iron Piston Compressors give us a call on 0935975957 or email us.


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Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 1560 x 540 x 1240 cm

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