Daphne Super Coat JP – Chai xịt chống rỉ và bôi trơn


Daphne Super Coat JP – Chai xịt chống rỉ và bôi trơn

High Performance Anti Rust Oil
Daphne Super Coat TW is a low viscosity rust preventive oil specially formulated with highly refined light mineral oil and various types of anti-rust additives for protection of highly finished metal surfaces such as bolts and nuts. It readily  adheres to metal surfaces and forms a uniform continuous protection film on exposed metal surfaces for long-term indoor storage.

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Description Daphne Super Coat JP is aerosol type of anti-rust oil specially formulated with a highly-refined mineral base oil and various additives like rust prevenive additives and organic molybdenum extreme pressure agent, these improve the penetration, rust prevention and lubrication performance. Due to the potential environmental impact, the corrosion additive is barium compound free.


Used as an aerosol type of lubrication for various types of machinery, tools, lubricating metal products and anti-rust application. – General lubrication and rust preventive purpose during overhaul of machinery. – Transport equipment & machinery, bicycles, rotation parts and other anti-rust lubricant. – Lubrication on tools, repair parts, measuring equipment rust during storage and loosening bolts & nuts. – Rust prevention for various machinery parts that are prompt to rust.


1. Excellent performance in water displacement, rust prevention & lubrication. 2. Suitable to apply on non-metal parts to prevent rust and discoloration. 3. Excellent penetration performance for narrow clearance parts and a long nozzle can be installed to enhance to lubrication efficiently. 4. Excellent performance in removing loose rust particles, nylon and wire brushes. 5. Lubrication can be carried with an inverted position.


400ml x 10 Cans


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