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Daphne Super Multi Oil Series
High Performance Multi-purpose Oil
Daphne Super Multi Oil Series is range of superior multi-purpose oil formulated with highly refined paraffinic base oil incorporating various additives such as oxidation inhibitor, rust prevention additive, anti-foaming and oiliness agents to provide excellent performance.
Recommended for use as a multi-purpose oil in machine tools lubricating. It is most efficient as a lubricating oil for bearing, gears, hydraulic systems and especially for slideways. Daphne Super Multi Oil 2 & 5 is also recommended to be used as a spindle lubrication in most CNC fabrication machines.
1. Excellent Oxidation Stability – A combination of oxidation inhibitor and highly refined paraffinic base oil assures excellent oxidation stability under severe operating condition and assures longer oil life.
2. Excellent Anti-Stick-Slip Properties – Addition of special oiliness agent gives this oil excellent anti-stick-slip properties which makes it most suitable for slideway lubrication.
3. Excellent Demulsibility – Extremely quick separation with water prevents it from emulsifying with water makes it most suitable for preventing hydraulic and slideways from troubles caused by mixing water soluble cutting fluid and machine lubricants.
4. Excellent Anti-Corrosion & Anti-Rust Properties – Effective rust preventive agent and corrosion inhibitor prevent corrosion caused by water and acid produced through deterioration process.
20L pail, 200L drum

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