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Daphne Magplus SLA Series
High Performance Neat Cutting Oil
Daphne Magplus SLA Series is a range of chlorine-free, non-active type neat cutting oils. These products have been specially formulated with highly refined base oil, non-active sulphur extreme pressure additives, fatty oil, anti-foaming agents, anti-mist additives and anti-rust additives. They provide superior cutting performance and at the same time extend tooling service life for carbon steels, high tensile steels and non-ferrous metals like: brass, copper and aluminium.
Recommended for automated cutting operations in auto lathes & CNC machining centers and as well as low speed cutting operations like: threading, tapping and reaming of carbon steels, high tensile steels and non-ferrous metals.
1. Chlorine-free formulation.
2. Non-ferrous metal friendly.
3. Specially recommended for cutting high tensile steels and carbon steels.
4. Excellent in extending tooling service life.
5. Excellent cutting performance providing continuous high quality finish and accuracy.
6. Long oil service life due to its stable highly refined base and addition of oxidation inhibitors.
20L pail, 200L drum

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