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Daphne Alpha Cleaner Series
High Performance Hydrocarbon Cleaner
This is a series of highly purified synthetic hydrocarbon cleaner/ degreaser specially developed by IDEMITSU. The series is able to meet today’s stringent requirement for industrial cleaning & degreasing and being totally environment friendly at the same time for it does not contain O-zone depleting substances.
Recommended as a cleaner/ degreaser for all types of metals. It is also able to clean rubber and plastic parts.
1. Excellent Cleaning/ Degreasing Abilities – Extremely good for industrial cleaning/degreasing of all types of metals, plastic and rubber parts.
2. Extremely Low Odour & Toxicity – Manufactured synthetically from purified organic compound, the series does not contained impurities and thus extremely low odour and toxicity.It does not cause dermatitis,thus, promoting pleasant and healthy working environment.
3. Good Anti-Rust Performance – Compared with chlorine type solvent (trichloroethylene,1.1.1. trichloroethane), it has less tendency to absorb moisture from the atmosphere, thus,better anti-rust performance.
20L pail, 200L drum

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